I remember when I was 15 years old high school kid, that was obsessed with fashion and fashion magazines. This is the era that social media did not exist yet, so all we ever had were fashion magazines and I spent every single dollar I earned, yes you read that correctly, I earned, because I started working since I was 13 years old.



I recall myself sitting in my Design & Technology classes in Central Tech Highschool in Toronto looking though all the Vogue magazines and admiring every single image, design, layout and dreaming to one day be one of the designers featured in this Bible of Fashion.


This year my dream came true and you can only imagine how excited I was once I found out that Venao Swimwear will be featured in Vogue UK. That excitement I can't explain, it's sort of like looking back into that moment and making a kid happy, watching that little girl's face glow with happiness and excitement. A little girl in me jumped up and down screaming from all the joy of her dreams coming true. This June, July & August Venao Swimwear was published in British Vogue.

Moments like these is what life is made of and I wish you all to experience the true moments of joy and happiness of your own work being loved and appreciated worldwide. Dream big because those dreams will one day become a reality.

December 29, 2021 — Tetiana Paratchuk